Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We be bloggin'...

Hello family and friends!  Today begins the Edwards' family blog!  I hope to meet Tina's challenge and blog everyday in goes!  Bookmark me on your pc and check back...if you're watching, I'll be more motivated to actually do this and meet Tina's challenge.

To catch you up (and, I've gotta start this somewhere), I've been in panic mode for a couple weeks now...prepping for my baby to head off to Kindergarten.  Cripes, wasn't she JUST born? 

Tonight Jason, Mikaylah and I went to Red Pine Elementary's Open House and met Mikaylah's teacher and toured around the school a bit.  Before we got there, Mik insisted that she did NOT want to enter the school and did NOT want to meet her BOY teacher.  Mik's daycare and preschool teachers have always been women and thus far, she's not to keyed up about having a boy for a teacher.  He was very nice though.  I expected him to know NOTHING about her and for me to have to fill his head with the millions of details about the quirks that make Mik who she is, but to my suprise he knew of her AND had received her lengthy file already.  He had set up meetings with her "team" this week and knew her history already!  POINTS SCORED!!  We also met the school nurse who will help Mik with any Hearing Aid issues she may have, i.e. dead batteries, malfunctions, etc. and to my surprise she too knew about Mikaylah!  POINTS SCORED AGAIN!!  I'm so happy (and relieved) that the parties that be have informed those that need to be informed about my amazing little girl!

After today's Open House, I'm feeling a LOT better...still some anxiety about bussing and lunch time chaos and what not, but my girl is exceptionally smart and after a day or two, she's gonna be a pro.  Lets hope her Mommy is too!

Next step, teacher meeting on Friday, orientation on Tuesday and then GO FOR KINDERGARTEN!!!  Bring it....


  1. Love that you are blogging!!! Awesome! Just sayin!

    Joyful Joy

  2. It sounds like you are set up with a great teacher and a great school! Don't worry, Mamma, she is gonna do great!!!

  3. It's never as bad as we moms think it's going to be. I just sent my kids off for their 5th and 8th first day of school today.

    Good luck with the whole blogging every day thing. I tried that for a while...

  4. Yay for your new blog! It was fun to read about meet the teacher night! Sounds like it went fantastic. Helps so much that they were prepared! Make you feel more at ease! And the first couple of days may be hard for both of you but it won't take long to get in the groove and be a pro!