Saturday, September 11, 2010

Visit with an old friend...

Mikaylah and I went down to Spring Valley, MN today to visit an old friend named Pam.  My family has ALWAYS known Pam and her family...we were neighbors way back when we lived in NY and eventually all moved to MN.  I digress.  Anyway...we went down for a visit today.  We had a lovely tea party lunch of scones, sandwiches and cake with lemon curd and raspberries.  After playing at her house for awhile with her AWESOME and HUGE dog Sabrina, we jumped in the car and went out for some fun.  We stopped at the Angora Goat Farm, the depot in Harmony for Ice Cream, Alfred's farm in Harmony and then went out for Pizza in Spring Valley.  We stopped back at Pam's for a litte more doggie time and Mik played with the boat in the fish pond while Pam and I had one last cup of tea.  Great day!!

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