Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Looking forward...

This weekend, I will be heading out of town with some cherished friends...we're going on our semi-annual scrapbooking retreat! 

Basically, we buy a ton of food, pack up carloads of scrapbooking tools, papers, pictures, etc. and we rent out a retreat house and spend all weekend scrappin' and eatin' and laughin'.  It rocks.  Sadly, a few good friends will not be in attendance at this event...but surely we will be thinking of them and texting them all weekend! 

Last time we scrapped, I worked on my DisneyLand album and finished that up.  I will now go back to playing catch up...I wonder if I will ever be current in my scrapbooks?  Will I ever take pics, develop them and scrap them all in the same month...doubtful.  I'm too far behind, but nonetheless it is my goal.

Funny thing...my scrappin' gal pals are my besties.  We all take tons of pictures of nearly every event in our lives, but we NEVER take pics on our scrappin' weekends...I wonder why?  Well, as I said some will be missing from this upcoming weekend, but come Spring, I'm going to take pictures at the scrappin' weekend...and then scrap pictures of us scrappin'!

At any rate, because I'm so looking forward to this weekend...the week is taking far, far too long.  For now, the cough syrup is still kicking my arse at night...so I'm headed to bed early.  Again.


  1. How many times did I say Scrap or Scrappin'?? Heheh.

  2. Sista - there is no "caught up." Caught up means you aren't making new memories. So, either you are dreadfully behind with scrapbooking or dead. A little blunt, I know!

    How do you score TWO scrapbooking weekends a year? I have been BEGGING...PLEADING for a scrapbooking weekend for 5 years...the hubby will not grant one! Tell me how you do it?!?!?

    With that said, my mom does have a weekend scheduled for scrapbooking at her cabin with my aunt and cousins in November - I might have to make up a kidnapping story (see Tina's blog comments!) to go to it!

  3. You know, my husband definitely understands my need to get away with the girls every now and then and he likes to look at the albums as I finish them. We've tried many retreats now...my favorite one was in Zumbrota, but this one we're trying out this weekend looks nice too. What's hubby's reason for not granting you one?

  4. I think this is a learned behavior for my hubby. Growing up (and still to this day) his parents do EVERYTHING together, even grocery shop. They never take weekends away from one another - so he doesn't understand why I need one! I have drawn the line at grocery shopping together, he makes it impossible to stay on the grocery budget if he comes along! teehee.