Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Desperately Seeking Mommy Advice

Okay...time to get real for a minute here...if you DO NOT want to know the details of my child's night time potty training issues, shut down this blog! Don't read any further.  I beg of you mom's out there to please read it and offer me some suggestions...I have reached the point of desperation.

Okay...first, Mikaylah is five.  She has been successfully daytime potty trained since age 3.5.  She struggled with it at first, but by age 4, she was a pro.  Night time is a whole different story...at age five she has still NEVER had a dry pull up in the morning...while this isn't particularly upsetting to me, what IS upsetting is that she still poops her pull up at night.  Omigosh I know!  Will she be in pull ups on her wedding night? 

I've done all that I can with patience, praise, encouragement, reassurance and continuous effort, but we haven't found what works yet.  She's been poop-free for two nights now, so tonight I rewarded her with a small toy.  I told her if she went two more nights poop-free, she'd earn another one.  We'll do that a few times...then lengthen it to five poop-free nights for a better prize.  Is this completely nuts?  Have I lost my mind?  Am I trying to find my child's "currency" with night time training?  What if she doesn't make it for two more nights...will she be disappointed and will that damage her more??

What else have I done you ask?
  1. We've seen her pediatrician and a neurologist.  Nothing wrong.
  2. We've tried just cold turkey sleeping in undies...fine if its just wetting, NOT fine for pooping accidents.
  3. We've left it alone for three months and then revisited.
  4. I've tried waking her periodically...difficult because she's a VERY heavy sleeper and a sleepwalker.  Also, keep in mind that I can't softly talk to her to wake her up completely because she can't hear me.  I have to yell and wake everyone in the house and possibly the neighbors too. 
  5. I've limited beverages after dinner.
  6. I've consistently had her on Lactulose for her occasional constipation so that is "easier" for her to go.
  7. She is on acidophilus supplements for "regularity".
  8. I've tried motivating her with the idea of sleepovers once she's out of pull ups.
What else do I do...seriously, HELP ME!!!  I cannot have my daughter in pull ups at college!!!

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  1. You are right to not worry about the pee, I think, as I know some just take longer to be able to get through the night. Hmmmm as far as the other, I think that a reward system can be good, just make it a simple so that you do not end up buying Target out in the next month. Do a project together of making a big poster and use stickers or something as the reward, which can lead to bigger rewards, like "family movie night with ice cream." If she does have an accident, make sure to have her be part of the clean up. If possible, make her do it all. Do not be angry about it, just have her clean it up and make her want to stay clean. You may already do that. Otherwise, I will put my thinking cap on and keep my fingers crossed for you. Whatever you do, I would say try not to make a big deal about the accidents, only about the clean nights. Good luck hon!