Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How fortunate I am...

I've been thinking today about just how lucky I am.  I have a wonderful family, a few really close friends, a great dog, a house and car, a job, a healthy family....and so on and so many around me aren't so lucky. 

This week, my boss' husband was diagnosed with MS - she is devastated.  In July, a former coworker's 19 month old child was in a swimming pool accident and has been in a coma since - those parents live with intense guilt over the accident.  A friend of mine went through a double masectomy and chemo for breast cancer - thankfully she has overcome it!  I follow a number of children on Caring Bridge that have all manner of awful diseases and injuries from heart and lung trouble to burns.  They are faced with painful procedures, staring, financial name it. 

Its all so sad and makes me feel so fortunate to have the blessings that I have in my life.  I really need to work harder at not taking those blessings for granted.  For example, I need to live my life and enjoy my child EVERY day instead of always dwelling on not having conceived a second child yet.  The spare change I spend to get an occasional mocha could be better spent by sponsoring a less fortunate child or feeding a hungry and homeless animal.  Instead of just reading those Caring Bridge pages, I should send messages of encouragement and concern. 

I hope you'll reach out to someone less fortunate and spread a little love each and every day!  As my friend Jill always says, be a Joy and Cheer spreader!!  Every little gesture, favor, donation, smile, hug, etc. makes a difference in someone's life.   Happy thoughts to you and yours!

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  1. Great post Jen-Jen! I have been struggling myself with that same thankful for all the wonderful things and people, animals that I have around me and when I is amazing how less stressed I am!! It is hard not to let life get in the way of what is really important sometimes. Thanks for posting!!!