Friday, September 10, 2010

Does a song ever do this to you?

Is there a certain song that whenever you hear it you think of ONE particular person in your life?  The music and the words take you right back to your past and to a whole load of really incredible memories??  Carole King's Now and Forever does that for makes me think of my life long bestie HEATHER!!!  We go back about a million years...not just the two of us, but our families too.  I have countless amazing memories from my childhood and they seem to all, in some way, involve her...some that I can think of off the top of my head are:

  • Crosslake camping...remember the bloody nose/playground incident and Peppy La Pew?
  • The Goranson family threw the BEST halloween parties!
  • Sleepovers were awesome at Heather's house...the Goranson kids taught me the joy of building forts and they were quite extensive ones!
  • The tire swing in the backyard (the monkey swing too!).
  • Speaking of the backyard...there was the slide incident resulting in a broken arm for Heather, but some very cool acrobatics.
  • Heather used to eat raw hot dogs.  I have nothing more to say about that.
  • Heather's dollhouse...OMG!  That things was so AMAZING!!!
  • Remember eating birdseed and making paper wings?  We were sure we could fly if we did that...we couldn't.
  • CHEESE WHIZ!!!!!  'Nuff said.
  • The backwards facing seat in the brown station wagon...that thing rocked!
  • Trips to bertram lake for swimming.
  • Snow forts and the backyard skating rink!
  • Pepper.  Love that dog.
  • Donald, Mickey and Goofy the fish...and I always wanted to clean their bowl?!?!?  What was THAT about?
  • When Heather barfed after seeing a spider on the innertube.
  • Speaking of barfing...riding to dance class.  And then, dancing in a barn. Heather had cool leg warmers.
  • Crooked bangs...Heather always had a cowlick giving her crooked bangs!  LOL!!!
  • Playing Electra Woman and Dina Girl...I always had to be Dina Girl...Heather justifed this by saying Electra Woman had blonde hair and she did too, so she HAD to be her. 
  • Heather falling off my rainbow bike.
  • Watching the Great Space Coaster at Heather's house.
  • The path in the woods leading to Heather's backyard....late in the day/evening, it was best to RUN the length of that path so the monsters didn't get ya!
  • Speaking of monsters...Heather was a Kooky Spook for Halloween one year.  Remember Kooky Spooks?
  • Teaching Heather to "clean" her room by shoving all the mess we made right under the bed!  That one didn't get by Barb...was a good try though.
  • Freddy the bear.
  • Decision Hills Camp and having to sing the Bald Headed Man from China in front of everyone...we had Jill to thank for that.
  • Jonathan's Gymnastics classes and doing "valleyfairs" off the vault!
  • Heather's grandma made this great camping snack...toasted buns sprinkled with cinnamon...they were so yummy!  And...don't get me started on the awesome array of Christmas cookies...oh how I miss those. 
  • Heather gave me a tinkerbell necklace from her trip to Disneyworld and Epcot...I still have it and will always treasure it.
  • How it was SO HARD to climb up the Oakwood Manor signs, but we wanted to sit up there so badly - we used to have picnics on those signs.
  • Riding our bikes to the dirt road and back was a BIG deal.
  • When singing hymns in church, Heather would point/tap (quite agressively I might add) at each word as it was time to sing it...
  • I could go on and on and on and fill up this page, but I'll leave it at this and just say:
You rock Heather and I love you dearly.   :-) 

The song that makes me think of Heather...


  1. Man - I remember so much of that stuff! Love it! Does anyone remember our neighborhood play??

  2. Oh I do remember the neighborhood play! And playing kick the can in the circle...and the neighborhood baseball "field"...and that crazy dog Duke from across the street that used to kick my a$$ on a regular basis.

  3. Awwww. Jen-Jen......You brought tears to my eyes!!! I love you too girl! Pretty much every memory of childhood was with you!!! Couldn't have a better "kid" life. You and your family are considered "family" in my book. You are really getting good at this blogging thing!! hahahahah I know you picked that picture because you loved that swimsuit!!!