Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

I dedicate today's blog to our dog Casey.  He is a six year old, 103 pound, lazy, yellow lab.  He came to us through our favorite animal rescue group - Last Hope.  He's been with us for a year now.  What can I tell you about Casey?

His paws smell like popcorn.

He stands up like a gopher when he wants a treat.

He thinks water is the greatest thing since...everything that exists.

He does not know how to chew a rawhide bone or play with dog toys.

Underneath all his fuzzy yellow fur, his skin is black with occasional pink spots.

He's missing a tooth.

He likes to snuggle...but ONLY until he deems that the snuggling has made him too hot.

He likes pillows and blankets and before he was given his own, he would steal them from my bed.

He loves kids...all kids.

He thinks watermelon is a treat.

If he gets off his leash or chain, he WILL run away.

He once caught a bumble bee in his mouth, and it stung his lip. He hasn't caught one since.

He's afraid of hardwood, laminate, linoleum...any slippery floor.

He likes to ride in the car and slobber up the windows and flap his ears in the wind.

Dog Day Getaway is his FAVORITE place to spend the day.

He is afraid of rivers, lakes, streams, ponds...any large body of water.

If he needs to go out, he will position himself in front of Jason or I and stare at long as he has to.

He has ridden in the back of an Apple Valley Police Car (see above about running away...).

He sneezes when he gets excited.

He hardly ever barks...unless Jason or I bark at him.

The list is never ending...he's such a good boy and I'm so grateful to have him. 


  1. Love it! Love your new background too!!!

  2. Maybe he and Buddie should get together, they'd have a great time running away together... ;)