Monday, September 13, 2010

Food for thought...and food advice...

So far, when I ask Mikaylah how the school day went, I'm getting one consistent theme...she loves lunchtime.  I know that bringing a cold lunch or buying a hot lunch is a new and exciting thing for her, but I guess I didn't really understand how much she would love it. 

Today she talked at length about liking the chocolate pudding I included in her cold lunch (why can't they make those easier to open?).  Last week it was the apples and caramel dip that was exciting.  Other days she has talked about her lunchbox and the themes of other kids' lunchboxes...princess ones, Scooby Doo ones and various others. 

I think its cute that she finds lunchtime to be so fun.  I hope I can keep her lunches varied enough that she still finds them exciting.  For those of you that pack lunches for your kids, what do you pack??  My choices seem limited without refrigeration, as I'm never sure how long an ice pack will really keep things cold...I would love ideas!


  1. I have the same problem as I am paranoid about stuff not staying cold! The only way I can make her lunches different is I sneak notes in them! Of course now that she is in 3rd grade they are not near as cool as they used to be! Is that why she keeps eating hot lunch?

  2. Oh I stink at this topic. But I read a pretty good blog post about it from a fellow blog-a-thoner that I thought was inspirational. Some good tips on the comments too.