Monday, September 20, 2010

Do I do anything? Or nothing?

Mikaylah was sad after kindergarten on Friday...she said someone told her she wasn't pretty.  She reminded me of it several times over the weekend and again when I picked her up today (although I don't think it happened a second time).  What have you done in similar situations?  I told her that the person who said it had likely had a bad day and said something that they didn't mean.  Of course, I also told her she is the prettiest girl I know!  What would cause a kindergartener to say such a thing?  As you well know from earlier posts, the thought of my child being teased terrifies me.  Should I do anything or do nothing and let it pass??


  1. Anna came home from K with so many similar stories. It is heartbreaking. For me, I wouldn't say anything unless it became a pattern and is said more than once or twice. In that case the teacher would probably want to address the child. In those situations I told Anna that all she can do is control the words that she uses and be the best friend she can be. That she can't control what others say and to think about how it makes her feel.

    I say all that so matter of fact but I do honestly deep down know how hard it is. It sucks.

  2. I like what Tina said! I would also add that you may want to have Mik examine how it made her feel and then stress the importance of always being a good friend, regardless of how others treat her. I would explain that she should always do her best to never tease others and she should stand up for someone else that is being teased.

    It stinks! It would be hard as a parent to know someone is teasing your child...what would be worse, is being the parent of the child that is teasing.