Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring...where are you?

I am really itching for spring...I've decided to change the blog background to a nice blue sky.  Oh how I long for blue skys, green grass and warm wind.  Oh how I depise ice dams, sidewalks narrowed by mountains of snow, dirty salty cars, soggy boots, snowy dog tracks on the carpet, frozen nostrils, runny noses and the list goes on and on.  Today I will think spring...from inside my house...not daring to go out into the frozen air.  Ugh.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winter = Evil

Show of hands, please...who's sick to death of winter????  Holy moly...what a rough one its been!

It seem Mikaylah has been constantly sick.  She's had three colds, two ear infections, two throat infections, a stuffy nose, cough and countless other issues.  There is snow piled as high as the eye can see.  There is nowhere to walk the dog that isn't covered with dangerous ice or mile high mountains of snow.  And DO NOT get me started on ice dams and the water spots appearing in my master bedroom and living room. 

I'm so done.  Buzz off winter!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Blessed Day

Today was awesome...

My Dad came to town this past Thursday. For those of you that don't know, he lives in Portland, OR which in my opinion is WAY too far away from ME!!  He's very good about coming to see us here in MN though (I digress but, I'm sure he regrets the weather here this week...woke up to -29 on Friday...brr!).  At any rate...I've had  a great visit.  And I have an even greater Dad.

Thursday consisted of picking Dad up at the airport, visiting, playing games, a spaghetti dinner and just having fun!  Mik was sick, so she was home.  Not good to miss school, but if you're gonna be sick and be home it is BEST to do it when Grandpa is here, right?!?!? 

Friday consisted of coffee and morning scones at and playing all day long!  Mik was sick again...but seriously, what a great sick day!  She didn't really act sick, but had a fever and cough so technically wasn't allowed at school.  Dawn and Amanda came over that evening too...I made barbecued shredded pork sandwiches and we ate and laughed. Alot.

Saturday...HOLY FUN BATMAN!!  Had donuts and coffee with Dad to start the day. Doesn't get much better than that.  Goofed around awhile.  Went bowling with Dad, Dawn, Tom, Amanda, Evan, Jaryd, Jason and Mik.  Fun times...its the first time Mik has bowled and we 'Franko's' like a good game every now and then so it was fun for all of us.  Plus, I'm pretty sure Jaryd has a crush on Mik, so it was fun watching him help her out and follow her around. :0)  My favorite part...aside from just being with family...was when Jason entered everyone's name on the scoreboard and Tom said "Who's Doodle?"....LOL. YOU'RE GIRLFRIEND DUDE!  After bowling, we went to Buca Di Beppo for dinner.  Had bread with olive oil, garlic mashed potatoes, citrus green beans, linguine frutti di marre, chicken alfredo, baked rigatoni and a HUGE piece of chocolate cake that six of us ate from....delish. Finished the day by Mik watching a movie with Grandpa and Jason and Dad playing their 'obligatory' cribbage game. We chatted awhile and annoyed the dog by messing with him.  I could chat with Dad all night and never run out of things to say...or even if I did run out of things to say, I'd still really, REALLY enjoy it.  Good times.

Tomorrow, will be low key...I have to share Dad so he's going to Dawn's for the day while I do laundry and Mik attends a birthday party for a friend from school...Dad goes home Monday morning so I have to take him to the airport on my way to work.  This week, the Sunday evening blues will be tenfold because Dad leaves....drat.