Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was Mik's first official day of kindergarten...yesterday was orientation and since I was there to ensure she was okay, it really didn't count in terms of me being able to survive the day through my anxiety...I MADE IT!!  I was able to get out of work in time to get to daycare and watch her get off the bus.  Wow..she looked so BIG!!!

I asked her about her day and she says she had fun...I'm not sure if she was overwhelmed or what, but I really had to ask A LOT of questions to get details.  Her favorite part of the day was coloring with crayons.  She says she met some friends, but can't remember their names.  She had a partner at lunch time, and again..doesn't remember the partner's name but she says "she was real pretty mama".  She was THRILLED about having brought her lunch to school and told me repeatedly what a great PB&J sandwich it was.  Lets see...she also said that Mr. Elo brought his guitar today and taught the class a new song.  She sang a bit of it "Mikaylah's here today.  Mikaylah's here today.  Let's all shout HOORAY!  Mikaylah's here today!".  Apparently, they went through all 22 kids...the song must have lasted forever.  That's about all I got for details...aside from the fact that the sinks are really short and she can reach them "just right!". 

Praying for a great Thursday and Friday!  A HUGE thank you to MacKenzie for helping Mikaylah on and off the bus! 


  1. Could she be any more beautiful? So glad she had a good day and you too!!!

  2. So sweet! Sounds like it was a great day. Love how we get small bits of information about the day! I remember too Anna's first days and not knowing who was who and what their names are. Doesn't take long to learn all that.