Saturday, November 6, 2010

November is here!

'Tis Turkey Season folks!  Thus, I've gone with a food background.  And...I've already gotten a jumpstart on shopping and planning for the Thanksgiving holiday - which Jason, Mik and I are hosting again this year (I made a pretty awesome Turkey last year...). 

Where are we at now you ask?  Halloween is over now and our little Snow White and her parents had a great time trick or treating at the zoo this year.  We also attended her daycare Halloween party and I volunteered in the Halloween Parade and Harvest Party at kindergarten.  It was fun, fun!

Jason and I also attended school conferences for Mikaylah and as we suspected, she's a total rock star in school.  :-)  Her teacher had wonderful things to say about her and she truly enjoys school so much.  I'm so proud of her.

Casey was smelling a little gamey this he headed off to Dog Day Getaway for some playtime, a bath and nail trim.  He was so handsome that I had to take and post a picture of him too!

When I picked him up, he was standing next to another yellow lab much younger than he and it struck me how old he looks.  My good boy is aging a bit which makes me sad.  He's such a great dog. 

Christmas is coming...holy crap.  I'm happy to report that I have already started Christmas shopping which gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I will likely finish on Black Friday this year as I have the list quite well planned out.  I'm really not ready for snow...I mean, hardly anyone really is, but I just don't want it to arrive.  Today Mikaylah and I picked through all the winter wear only to find that her snowpants and a few hats and mittens still fit, but she needed a new coat and winter boots so we went out and bought those today...would hate to wake up to snow one day and not be prepared for it!!!  I also remembered today that I broke the snow shovel last year...I better buy one before the snow flies!

The only other thing going on really is the mystery of Jason's car and the stupid check engine light...its going on and off these days.  Not like flashing on and off, but on for one ride, off the next, on the next, off the next or on only part of a trip.  I took it in for a diagnostics and the danged thing turned off so no codes came up.  Grrr...must get it in there on a day its on to see what the friggin' deal is. 

Hubby keeps bugging me to blog...says others enjoy it and he wants to read them too (does he need the blog in order to keep up with us??  Just kidding Jason...).  So...I'll try to blog more.

Over and Out!

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