Monday, November 29, 2010

Building Traditions...

So far I have found the beginning of the holiday season to be quite fun.  Mikaylah, being five years old now, is without a doubt 'in the know' about the Christmas season.  I'm quite loving all the fun that's gone into "holiday prep" thus far. 

When the toy ads started to come out before Thanksgiving, she would grab them, grab a marker, sit her butt down and start circling what she wanted.  She would gasp with every turn of a page and yelp out "I want that!!".  Funny.  I think everything was circled....

And...truth be fun is it to play the "Santa Card"?!?!?  You know which one I'm talking about...the "oh my goodness I hope you'll put on your jammy's and brush your teeth like a good girl - it would make Santa so happy...".  I have to giggle when she disappears for awhile, comes back and lets me know that she cleaned her room or brushed her teeth without being told and then asks shyly "will you call and tell Santa that I was a good girl?".  How can I resist?  I grab the phone, dial the number (which COINCIDENTALLY happens to all be my work number AND Santa's number) and "talk" with Santa.  The first time I did this, Mik giggled, rolled around on the floor and snorted with excitement.  When I hung up I said "Santa had to go help and Elf with a toy issue he was having..." to which she said "was it my toy" with giant wide eyes!!!

So yesterday, we decorated the tree...I unpacked the ornaments, Daddy handed them to her and she hung them on the tree.  Although some branches are heavy with ornaments and giant sections of tree have no ornaments at all, its still quite pretty and she did a good job.  After she went to bed last night, Jason hung candy canes all over the tree.  This morning we told her that Santa stopped by last night and hung up some candy canes all because he loved the tree she made so much!  Haha....oh the stories we tell....and the smiles they bring.

Despite the fact that its pooring rain today, the holiday season is off to a great start.  I have very little shopping left to do, our house has been decorated compliments of Mik and holiday party plans are in the works. 

What traditions are you building with your family??

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  1. You are truly a very special mommy..I am so very proud of you. You are making memories that she will remember forever and will pass down to her babies :) I love you Jennie..

    Auntie Kacy