Sunday, November 14, 2010

Needing a Maid!

Its been a great long weekend.  I had Thursday off for Veteran's Day, Friday is my usual day off and then of course there was the weekend of Saturday and Sunday. 

I spent Thursday with my husband...we had lunch at DaVinci's in St. Paul.  We love that place and haven't been there in years.  Its a pasta bar...choose your sauce, choose your veggies, choose your meat, choose your them cook it up for you!  Delish!  And get a load of this...we really party hard in this house...after lunch, we came home and took a long, snuggly nap together.  It was awesome.

Friday, I took my kiddo to school and then spent the morning and early afternoon doing some Christmas shopping.  I got lots done and as it turns out, there were a lot of deals to be had on Friday.  Can't complain about that.  Friday afternoon, I played with Mik and had a lovely time.

Saturday I woke up to a freakin' blizzard!  We were supposed to get 2 to 4 inches, but it turned out more like 8 to 10.  Anyway...Mik and I had our very first Daisy Scout meeting and she is officially a Daisy now! 

It was a nice group of little girls and some nice mothers too!  We played games, made bracelets and painted fingernails!  Then, we learned some new songs and the Girl Scout Promise.  It should be a fun year!  We played in the snow on Saturday afternoon...

Mik spent nearly an hour moving snow around on the driveway with her brand new shovel.  She loved it!  Saturday night concluded with me and Mik watching Charlie Brown episodes with a big bowl of buttery popcorn.  It doesn't get better than that does it??

Sunday...spent the day playing games, dollhouse, Lego's baking cookies and brownes and watching the football game (what a waste that part was). 

I love the weekends...whoever invented Monday through Thursday was just plain evil! 

This brings me to my blog title...who has time to clean house when they're busy enjoying their family all weekend?  I need a sister says that I should just enjoy my kid and that I can clean when she grows up.  It'll be awfully dusty here by then....

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  1. I know you are a clean freak, but your sister is completely right on that one! That has been my philosophy all along, as I am sure you can tell when you are at my house! hahahah We clean barn, not house! That is way more fun!!! Balancing the clean house with quality family time seems like a slightly impossible task, ,so why bother! hahahaha