Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There's no denying it now!

What strange weather this month.  I guess that means Halloween is coming. 

It seems that every year, when someone mentions Halloween, I think of the great snowstorm on Halloween eve in 1991.  I was working as a busser at the Monte Club that night...the snow was falling...and falling....and falling.  We got let go a bit early on account of the weather, but it was really too late by that point.  Now those of you from Monti know, the Monte Club used to reside on the top of the HUGE hill.  That night (after struggling to get up the small hill that led out of the back parking lot of the restaurant), I descended the hill....about a quarter of the way down, my car turned sideways and slid the rest of the way down...snow going up over the roof the entire time.  I had zero control and this was before cell phones...I panicked.  Somehow, I made it to the main drag and began to drive through town...eventually I made it to a friends house and spent the night there (my Dad was NOT happy because that friend was a boy), but what a horrible night of weather that was.

So earlier this month...we're wearing shorts, playing at the park and riding bikes, etc.  This morning, I wake up to no electricity (thanks to the wind) and it was actually SNOWING at my house.  There's no denying it now...winter IS coming.  Hang on!

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