Monday, October 4, 2010

Teachers You'll Never Forget

My husband and I got to talking about teachers today at lunch...I asked him if there were any teachers that he had as a kid that he'd always remember...he recalled his kindergarten teacher (also his first crush) and another teacher that made learning about gravity really fun.  So I got to thinking about teachers...which ones would I always remember and why....???

  1. Mr. Stupar for the punishment of copying dictionary page 101.
  2. Mrs. Grott for being just plain cool! And teaching me to quilt.
  3. Mr. Ukara...mostly because he was funny and I started a fire in that class.
  4. Mr. Nelson...I mean his name was Willie Nelson so he had that going for him, but when he'd get mad, he'd write on the board really hard and specks of chalk would fly everywhere.
  5. Mr. Stoick for tying flies to people's hair.
  6. Mr. Drayna for being Military Mike and making me run all hour for belching.
  7. Mr. Keating for obvious reasons.
  8. Ms. Kimmes for that big long speech she would give right before tests...what was that speech? Something about not cheating in any way, shape or form.  Also...didn't we build the atom's in here??
  9. Mr. Houselog because I was TERRIFIED of him and then I lost the Heidi book he borrowed us to read and I was so scared he'd be so mad...and then he wasn't.
  10. Mr. Lanners because he reminded me of Sam Malone from Cheers.
  11. Mr. Novak and Mrs. Stadnik because she poured Elmer's glue on his head.
  12. Mrs. Jorgenson for just clapping random patterns to get people to pay attention.
  13. Mr. Oleson because he was so cool and who remembers when Shmoo fell through the ceiling?
  14. Mrs. Illstrup for...the plaid prints.
  15. Mr. Lavelle because I thought he looked like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.
  16. Mr. Schneider because he loved the Eagles and he busted Ferg sleeping in class and that was funny.
  17. Mr. Stewart because I got an A on the Hobbit even though I never read it - he was afraid of my father.
  18. Mrs. projects and I got to build a Ford's Theater model and write a report on Amelia Earhart and I actually enjoyed it.
  19. Mr. Renner because ACK!!!  Did NOT like him.
  20. Mr. Kanthak for taking us on that awesome trip to Rapid City which is a whole 'nother post in itself...

I could really go on and on...but for those of you that are teachers, just remember that sometimes its the little things that makes you memorable!!


  1. Great post - it brought back a ton of memories! Oh - and I would have never said LaVelle looked like Steven Tyler - but I see it now!

  2. Mr. Lanners- cheers for sure! Great post and great memories!!!!

  3. LOL. Good memories. What about Rehkamp? Just do it! I loved Mr. Olsen too. Once right before the bell we went out and held class on the steps outside his room during the freshman/sophmore lunch. He was a lot of fun.